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Reuse of Tailings

In Morro Agudo, we transformed all the tailings into a secondary product, Agricultural Limestone Powder, from which Zincal200 is derived. The tailings from the mining operation are sedimented, part of which is reused in the plant and part of which is sold as Zincal, a product used in agriculture to decrease soil acidity and increase yields. In 2019, we began selling more Zincal than the volume produced at the unit, which allowed us to reduce the stockpiles of old tailings. Last year, we passed the milestone of one million metric tons of limestone sold, and doubled the reprocessing of old tailings at the plant. Aside from representing revenue on the order of US$ 8.7 million (15% of the unit’s total revenue), the process eliminates the need to build new containment structures such as dams, resulting in economic and environmental gains.